Data backup and recovery

Data Backup And Disaster Recovery Solution for SME

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No business is immune from the need for reliable data backup and disaster recovery solution. Every small business wrestles with the issue of data backups. Most every organization recognizes the need—sometimes mandated by law—to archive and secure important business data. However, confusion quickly arises in the details.

How should organizations back up their data? What data should be backed up? How often should archive sets be created? How should backups be moved off site?

Computer Troubleshooters Malaysia can work with your organization to design and implement a backup solution tailor-made to meet its business requirements. Without an appropriate backup solution, disruptions could prove costly.

For better backups and data protection, Computer Troubleshooters recommends:

  • Reviewing what information (specific files and folders) is critical to your business and developing a plan to ensure that data is regularly backed up and stored or rotated off site.
  • Determining how much time can safely pass between backup routines within your organization.
  • Testing backup sets regularly to confirm they are working properly.
  • Updating backup routines whenever required by software application updates and upgrades.
  • Automating off-site storage.



For many IT departments, these terms are often synonymous with backing up to tape or external hard drive. But in truth, that’s just a backup


Responsible business owners want a powerful Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution. You want a way to deliver a highly reliable, highly scalable service that won’t cost thousands of dollars to get started or hamstring top talent with routine activities

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