How it works


How Computer Troubleshooters IT Outsourcing Plan and IT Support Plan works for SME

  1. Working together with all 500 Computer Troubleshooters around the world, we’ve identified over 50 issues that causes the most unexpected and unforeseen computer problems.  Thus, we’ll precisely identify areas that can be improved so as to minimize the chances of future meltdowns.
  2. Our senior network engineers will perform regular, scheduled maintenance on your network each and every day. We will make sure your virus protection is up to date and your back ups are working properly.
  3. We’ll also check critical firewall and security settings, and we’ll update software patches. We will even conduct a series of system optimization tasks every month that will keep your network running at maximum speed and performance. We will remotely monitor your network 24/7, 365 days a year to detect, diagnose, and prevent lurking problems from turning into major interruptions to your business in the form of downtime, security breaches, or other failures.
  4. Finally, we’ll provide unlimited on-site, remote, network, and help desk support to fit your specific situation and needs. Once we’ve taken care of your problems, we will help you to further enhance your business through the latest and most up-to-date technology.