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IT Support Specialist – Computer Troubleshooters is dedicated to helping business owners get more productivity out of their computer systems.

IT Support specialist – Computer Troubleshooters  is geared towards Small & Medium businesses or small & medium offices of sizes between 15 and 250 PC’s. We are ourselves small business users, hence, we understand the market as well as problems facing Small & Medium sized businesses.our service IT support

Got a Computer Problem? Business owners can’t afford the hassle and loss of productivity associated with bringing a computer to a repair centre – that’s why hundreds of business owners and small office home office users turn to Computer Troubleshooters every day to handle their IT support needs.

But Computer Troubleshooters does more – our goal is to work with our customers to offer recommendations and design solutions that improve their business. After all we don’t succeed unless our customers first succeed.

Working with Computer Troubleshooters

Computer Troubleshooters believes that both quality of service and respond time are very important. Our goal is to achieve the trust of our customers and to provide great IT support  for everyone at affordable prices. Listed below are facts about our company and our new managed services.

Fact #1

Computer Troubleshooters is unique. We offer the industry’s first “No Downtime Guarantee”. Our new managed service provides proactive system monitoring plans at affordable prices. Most problems are discovered and resolved even before your system goes down.

Fact #2

All our computer technicians are career-oriented professionals. All have had formal education, specialized training, and computing certifications. Every technician is a computer professional; we will not employ a “self-educated” technician. Our customers deserve the best; we see that they get it.

Fact #3

Our ultimate goal is to prevent downtime and keep your system running smoothly all the time. Network monitoring and remote support options allows our technicians to foresee problems developing, enabling repairs to be made even before an on-site call is required

IT Support Services  

  • Nationwide IT Outsourcing
  • Computer Support
  • Managed Services
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Advanced Network Deployment
  • Hardware & Software Deployment
  • Hardware Troubleshooting . Software Troubleshooting
  • Server Setup . Hardware & Software
  • Networking
  • Internet / Email Setup
  • Regular Computer Maintenance
  • Virus Protection & Removal
  • IT Service Plan
  • Remote Access & Diagnostics
  • Internet Security
  • Application Setup & Support
  • Data Recovery & Backup. And More


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