ARCA – Backup server

ARCA – Backup server for SME

For many IT departments, these terms are often synonymous with backing up data to tape or an external hard drive. But in truth, that’s just a normal backup.

 ARCA   Backup server

If you house backup data at an off-site storage facility, then you have the start of a disaster recovery plan. At this point, most companies feel that if they can put their hands on their data, then they already have a degree of business continuity.

But maintaining business continuity – actually using the data to repair or recover from a problem in a short timeframe – is often overlooked, or taken for granted. As a result, the penalty sustained for extended downtime starts from lost productivity and revenue, and in extreme cases, ends when the business closes forever.

Standby Server

standbyserver ARCA   Backup server

Virtual Test Environment

 ARCA   Backup server


Disaster Recovery Testing

disasterrecovery ARCA   Backup server



  • Does not rely on P2V conversion process
  • Boots directly from the backup image
  • Instant failover process
  • Runs directly from the ARCA
  • Failover a server in less than 30 minutes
  • Hardware independent
  • Live or sandbox modes
  • Select a point-in-time snapshot just before the failure
  • Server will have the sane network settings
  • Backup continue on failover server