Why choose us

bus users2 Why choose us

What is unique about Computer Troubleshooters?

• Our integrated network (450 strong) means that our customers aren’t dependent on just one person. The total franchise team of technical experts with a wide range of skills and abilities backs up each operator so we can handle practically any situation.

• The Computer Troubleshooters approach is very different from most other computer service providers.

• We provide a high level of friendly, personalized service. We are located close to our customers – which means that we can respond quickly and cost effectively help to meet their needs.

• We operate with low a operating cost which means that our services are less expensive than many other service providers.

• Computer Troubleshooters prides itself on being one of the few international companies (perhaps the only international company) that focuses on Computer Service, Support and Training rather than the supply of hardware and/or software.

• We are totally independent of any hardware or software supplier and this allows us to work with and for the customer. We provide solutions and give advice that focus on the customers’ real needs.