IT Outsourcing

Revolutionary IT outsourcing and IT support plan that save your IT cost up to 70% !


Have you ever noticed that computer consultants get paid when your computers have problems, instead of when they’re working fine?  What if instead your computer consultant was paid for keeping your computers running, and paid YOU for any downtime? If yes, please consier our IT outsourcing plan in Malaysia.


Computer Troubleshooters is going to offer a revolutionary new IT service plan that will completely change our industry, and Computer Troubleshooters Malaysia will be one of the very first to offer the new plan.  It’s based on an exciting new technology platform that will monitor your systems, notify us as soon as there is any problem, and often allow us to fix the problem before you may even be aware of it!


This IT outsourcing plan called BEST, for Business Enhanced Support Technology, and there are four components:

1)      BEST Best Practices audit.  Working together with all of the 500 Computer Troubleshooters around the world we’ve identified over 30 issues that cause most unexpected computer problems.  We’ve created an audit form to compare your existing computers and network with our best practices to identify areas that can be improved to minimize the chance of future meltdowns.

2)      BEST remote management technology.  Along with two of the world’s leading managed services companies we’ve developed our own special technology system which can monitor your computers and alert us when there are signs of problems.  We can also optionally setup remote support tools to let us solve these problems via remote control, often before you may even know there is a problem.

3)      Guarantee our work: Under the top two BEST plans we would handle ALL of your computer problems for no additional charge (no more hourly fees!), and under our top Trouble-Free plan we even cover you with our No-Downtime-Guarantee.

4)      Business Enhancement: Once we’ve taken care of your problems, we want to help you enhance your business through technology.  So we’ve partnered with several top technology vendors to be able to bring you features like Electronic Document Management, Quickbooks Consulting & Training, CRM Development, and even Custom Software Development.


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