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IT Security Solution for SME

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IT Security –  With today’s competitive pressures and increased threats from malicious software, security is of paramount concern. But most small businesses are unfamiliar with the steps they need to implement to not only properly protect their systems but to also protect critical data.

Thousands of hackers have written malicious programs that regularly attempt to access your computer. They seek, 24 hours a day, 365-days a year, to:


  • Steal and/or delete your business data.
  • Steal and/or delete personal, confidential or proprietary information.
  • Corrupt your PCs and render them inoperable.
  • Compromise your computer’s security and turn it into a zombie system that launches attacks on other computers.
  • Without your knowledge compromise your system and turn your PC into a robotic system that sends tens of thousands of unsolicited email messages a day.

New Windows vulnerabilities are identified almost weekly. The same is true with other software products and hardware devices. Without up-to-date security applications, firmware updates, operating system patches and other updates, your small business is vulnerable to attack.

Computer Troubleshooters can assist your organization in locking down its network, securing its systems and hardening every aspect of its technology operations.

Typically, Computer Troubleshooters recommends small businesses adopt all of the following security best practices:

  1. Use strong passwords on all systems and software.
  2. Update Windows systems with the latest security patches and hotfixes after professional testing proves the updates reliable and appropriate.
  3. Update applications and software programs with the latest patches and hotfixes as they become available.
  4. Deploy trusted hardware-based firewalls and confirm they are properly configured.
  5. Secure all wireless networks by leveraging the latest encryption technologies.
  6. Install and configure reputable antivirus and antispyware applications and confirm they regularly update and scan systems for infections; do not permit antivirus and antispyware applications to expire.
  7. Prohibit the use of such peer-to-peer file-sharing programs as Kazaa, LimeWire and BearShare.
  8. Prohibit staff from visiting MySpace and other Web sites known to encourage virus and spyware infections.
  9. Discourage employees from clicking or opening any attachments received within email messages.

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