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Kansai Coatings Malaysia Sdn Bhd

  1. Company
    1. Name:
      1. Kansai Coatings Malaysia Sdn Bhd
    2. Website:
    3. Size:
      1. Employee:
        • 150
      2. Servers and Computers:
        • 85
    4. Industry:
      1. Industrial building Painting materials
    5. Country:
      1. Malaysia
    6. Profile:
      1. Kansai Coatings Malaysia Sdn Bhd in Shah Alam (HQ), Alor Setar, Butterworth, Kota Bharu, Kuantan, provides building painting materials, design the coloring for new housing area nationwide.
  1. Software and Services:
    1. B.E.S.T IT Outsource Solutions
      1. B.E.S.T.  IT Outsource is a completely new approach to servicing small businesses, and was developed exclusively by Computer Troubleshooters, the world’s largest network of small & medium business technology specialists.
    2. AVG Antivirus Professional Network Edition
  1. Briefing:
    1. Kansai Coatings Malaysia provides building painting materials to commercial sector across the Malaysia. They always want to improve the stability and high availability on the IT equipments by increasing the Service Level of IT to higher standard and centralize the IT support for all the branches, Kansai Coatings Malaysia implemented and adopted the B.E.S.T IT Outsource. The company can now enjoy the maximum uptime of the IT equipments, and cost saving on the IT equipments maintenance. The staff is more productive on their work, because their work does not need to disturb due to the IT equipments failure.
  1. Business Needs:
    1. Kansai Coatings Malaysia is one of the leading company in it industry. Kansai Coatings Malaysia also one the of the IT optimized company with full function world class ERP. Therefore, their business is fully automated by the ERP, they need the computer to complete their daily job. Any downtime of the computer will cause the company making lost in revenue, and reduce the employees’ productivity, Kansai Coatings Malaysia have decided to reduce the downtime of the computer by increasing the IT support quality and improve the reliability of the IT equipments for 150 employees.

Due to the increasing security threat from the computer’s virus, spyware, malware, spam email, and computer hacker, Kansai Coatings Malaysia also take precaution to avoid becoming one of the victim of the cyber crime. As the result, Kansai Coatings Malaysia also seriously considers to enhance the security on the end-user computer and the Servers.

Besides that, Kansai Coatings Malaysia wants to standardize and stabilize all the IT support for all the branches around the Malaysia. Because of the branch office also connect back to the Shah Alam HQ to access the ERP system to process their daily business activity. Hence, the branches also need the high availability on the IT equipment to make sure the smooth access of the HQ’s ERP system and other business applications resources.

Kansai Coatings Malaysia main concern is to cut the IT operational cost for HQ and branches. For HQ, they need to hire a dedicated IT executive to perform regular IT maintenance tasks and support. As for the branches, they engage third party to fix the IT problems, the main problem they facing for branches IT support is delay of support and inconsistency of the quality of support. Both of the issues have causing Kansai Coatings Malaysia budget more expenses on the IT support.

  1. Solutions:
    1. When first Kansai Coatings Malaysia learned the B.E.S.T IT Outsource is Flat Rate IT Services that will give them Immediate Savings & Budgetability for all the IT support cases. They see the point of unlimited support is given with the flat monthly fee that will certainly help them to save the IT support cost for HQ and branches.

Second, the centralize Proactive Management that promise Maximum Uptime for all the IT equipments also draw the attention of the IT manager. After he understand our B.E.S.T IT Outsource technology will monitor the IT equipments such as Servers, Network Routers, Switches, and computers for 24x7x365, and B.E.S.T IT Outsource technology also will trigger alert to Computer Troubleshooters Malaysia Support Center to take immediate action whenever the IT equipments is not functioning. Besides that, the B.E.S.T IT Outsource technology will make sure the AVG Antivirus, Antispyware software are up-to-date. On top of that, B.E.S.T IT Outsource technology also takes part in Microsoft Windows Update to deploy the latest patches release from Microsoft. With this latest technology from Computer Troubleshooters Malaysia, the IT Manager is confident that the UPTIME of the IT equipments will increase, and he will have the peace of mind because the IT equipments are under good monitoring system.

Third, the Vendor Management allows Immediate Impact to Your Bottom Line. Because the IT manager instead of calling for different vendors for IT equipments support and warranty, now he need to call to Computer Troubleshooters Malaysia only for all the after sales services, the Computer Troubleshooters Malaysia will arrange with the vendors for support, collection, warranty, and delivery.

Last but not least, B.E.S.T IT Outsource come with the Professional Services that Make Your Business More Efficient & More Competitive. Computer Troubleshooters Malaysia is the one-stop IT information, consultation and resources center for the entire B.E.S.T IT Outsource client. Kansai Coatings Malaysia is happy to know that they are on the Computer Troubleshooters Malaysia BEST Practice roadmap plan that will make sure the IT of the company will grow simultaneously with the business.

Yet, Kansai Coatings Malaysia is thrilled by knowing that only with monthly fee they can have all the services mentioned above.

  1. Benefits:
    1. By implementing the B.E.S.T IT Outsource, Kansai Coatings Malaysia has been able to improve and increase the reliability of their IT equipments, which increase the productivity of staff and reduce the IT operational cost.

Foundation for new business capabilities

Once the  B.E.S.T IT Outsource technology fully deploy to every IT equipments at HQ and branches, the IT support and regular maintenance has become centralize support system. Now the computer users only need to call to Computer Troubleshooters Malaysia IT Helpdesk to get their computer problem solved. Thanks to the  B.E.S.T IT Outsource technology now Kansai Coatings Malaysia know their IT assets details in and out by using the IT support web portal, this will ease them to do planning and budget on the IT equipments.

Higher staff productivity

Every computer located at HQ, and branches under the care of the B.E.S.T IT Outsource technology will update the antivirus, antispyware, Microsoft windows patches regularly to make sure the computers are protected. This already reduces the downtime caused by computer virus, spyware infection. In other way, the computer UPTIME increase, the staff productivity increase.

The ticket to support the virus, spyware infected computer reduced by Proactive Management.

besides that, because of most of the tickets are solve within Service Level Agreement time, the staff can get back to the work faster after the computer crash. Less time is wasted during the troubleshooting.

Enhanced competitiveness

Ongoing Computer Troubleshooters Malaysia’s Best Practice checking have help Kansai Coatings Malaysia solve some of the existing problem such as network intermittent, computer slowness, and etc. step by step Kansai Coatings Malaysia is complying the Best Practice which will minimize the company’s computers problem and increase the reliability and achieve the target of high availability on IT equipments.

Lower costs

Cost saving is direct impact on the hard-cost items such as:

1) Internal IT Executive salary, benefits, EPF, Socso – RM1,200.00/year

2) Security software – RM8, 786.00/year

B.E.S.T IT Outsource technology from Computer Troubleshooters Malaysia have help Kansai Coatings Malaysia to save RM9, 968.00 per year at HQ Shah Alam.

Cost Saving on Soft-cost items such as:

1) Reduce Servers downtime – 5 hours/ month, affecting 85 users

2) Reduce Network equipments downtime – 3 hours/ month, affecting 85 users

3) Reduce Computers downtime – 85 hours/ month, for the whole company

4) IT Manager time-cost on handling 5 vendors – 2 hours/ month, for each vendor

B.E.S.T IT Outsource technology save from above items, which is costing RM102, 300.00 per years.

Total Saving by implementing B.E.S.T. IT Outsource is RM105, 668.00 for every year.

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